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AKC Marketplace Puppies

Out of the 197 breeds registered with A.K.C., Labradors rank first for the past thirty years. Hence, owning an English Labrador instills pride and excitement for many not only in the U.S. but worldwide. Our puppies are in high demand and typically are booked before the litter is even born as we are a regarded source for high quality English Labradors in our region!

Registered breeder of A.K.C. marketplace
A.K.C. marketplace is the most recognized and trusted dog service in the U.S. for over 136 years now. The American Kennel Club, founded in 1884, registers dogs for being recognized and provides the right information regarding breeding and training among others. The A.K.C. marketplace experts actively advocate dog ownership and also conduct dog shows and sports. We are registered A.K.C. breeders following all guidelines in letter and spirit to breed beautiful English Labradors offering value for our clients' hard-earned money.

A.K.C. marketplace the best place to buy Labradors
The only site that exclusively lists 100% A.K.C. registered puppies is the A.K.C. marketplace. As one of their best breeders, we follow all their rules and regulations to offer our clients only the best Labradors. This one of many reasons to consider Tried & True Labradors as the breeder for your next companion!


  • We offer our clients only purebred puppies with the utmost care and concern for their health starting from day one with the proper nutrition, excellent medical attention, and socialization

  • We preserve and better the breed characteristics of the English Labrador by investing countless hours of research into the lines we breed, performing all required genetic and health testing on both the sire, dam, and puppies  and socializing our litters from a very young age 

  • Our clients can verify with the A.K.C.'s canine D.N.A. profiles database to verify the parentage of our Labrador puppies and get D.N.A. certification to ensure reliable registration

Call now or click our site to know more about the A.K.C. marketplace and our certified pedigrees with puppies available for you!

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