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Current Litters


We have Black & Yellow Puppies Available to go home in early 2024! At this time, we have no more trained dogs available, nor retired dogs. Always feel free to check in with us though!

Call to discuss details!

Kyle Pope


***We also have trained dogs that are 6+ months old available throughout the year. We don't have any at this time but feel free to check in with us on our retired and trained dogs. ***

*Although titles are indications of dogs winning in the show ring, successful breedings are about finding the "parts" and genetics you need from both parents to better the breed. We take pride in the dogs we choose for our dams and look forward to healthy puppies with great temperament and confirmation. If your breeder cannot articulate to you why they chose a certain sire for the dam and sells you simply on a pedigree, you might just be purchasing an expensive piece of paper. We always breed first for us, to better our program. When you contact us about a puppy, please tell us what you are looking for and we will find the right dog for you!


Give us a phone call today, we always have time to talk labs!

How To Book Your Puppy:

1. Call us at: 205.688.6773 or Email us at

We want to get to know you and your interest in our puppies!

2. After we have had the opportunity to discuss what you are looking for we ask that you submit an application via our Good Dog Platform. Upon approval, you will be notified via email from Good Dog and will be automatically prompted to place a deposit from the same site.

Click below to submit your application!


















*We DO NOT use any other electronic methods of payment outside of PayPal or Good Dog and deposits MUST be made in advance of any final payments on your dog.

*Placing a deposit reserves your spot on our waiting list to receive your puppy! Puppies are sold on a first come, first serve basis and each litter has a limited number of pups to be sold based on the ones chosen to stay in our program!

3. Head to our Resources page to see what all you will need to prepare for your new furry friend. We discuss food and supplement recommendations,  accommodations to have ready for the day you bring home your pup, and our Health Guarantee on all pups sold!


Please contact us by phone for interest or questions about our pups!

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