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Does your Labrador need a vacation? We've got you covered!


T&TL provides Boarding Services for your Labrador! We have many past Tried & True clients who take advantage of our boarding program when planning a vacation or simply needing to have their dog socialized for a few weeks at our farm. We always love having more friends on the property to enjoy our days with so let us know if you are interested in more information about how to have your dog boarded! 


$30/night, Additional $15 for Bathing and Grooming 

*Food is included in price listed above.


  • If you would like your dog to be fed something different you will be responsible for providing us with the correct food.


*Providing your own food does not alter the price of boarding per night.

Terms & Conditions:

  • We do not require your dog to be spayed or neutered to be boarded at our farm. Necessary precautions are taken to prevent any accidental breedings while being boarded at our facility.

  • All dogs will be required to be up-to-date on vaccinations and a copy of your dog's vaccination record MUST be emailed to us prior to arrival. Please email your vaccination records to:

  • Pet owner will be responsible for providing appropriate preventative medications such as heartworm, flea and tick medicine or any other medications that your dog may be on during his/her stay.

  • All dogs boarded at our facility are provided with a clean and safe kennel to eat and sleep in. As well as access during the day to a 10,000 sq. ft. fenced, outdoor space for exercising and playing. Additionally, we have a large pond on the premises for swimming and retrieving. Trust me, your dog will be begging to come back! 

*A deposit in half of the total amount will be required up front before your dog arrives to our farm. Remaining balance is due on or before the day of pick-up!

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