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Black Labrador Puppies

Black is beautiful, and black Labrador puppies are magnificent, and are the number one request we receive regarding puppy inquiries. Of the officially recognized three colors for Labradors by the A.K.C., black puppies are the most popular. In our breeding program, we breed for all three colors. 


History of Black Labradors


Black Labradors have an amazing history dating back centuries. They were bred from the water dogs that are now extinct. Initially, Labradors were hunting or fishing dogs and shooting companions. Up until the year 1900, many believed that all Labradors were black. It wasn't until the mid-century that breeders ventured out and bred for chocolate and yellow Labradors as well. Even now, many people both in the U.S. and worldwide prefer to buy black Labrador puppies.


The Best Qualities of Black Labradors


Buying black Labrador puppies is most preferred by customers but not without reason. They have an amazing history of being bred for centuries as the most favorable human companions!


  • The black Labrador puppies are magical to watch as their striking black color exemplifies the shine of the thick double coat

  • They have an unrivaled temperament known for their devotion and reliability to their owners

  • Categorized as sport dogs by A.K.C. and gun dogs by U.K.C., Labradors have the athletic looks and skills to participate in confirmation shows and sports competitions


To buy beautiful black Labrador puppies with all the above qualities and more, contact us now!

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