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Having puppy troubles? You aren't alone!


We offer various levels of training based on your Labradors' needs! Whether you need help with getting your new puppy on the right track from an early start or you are wanting your dog to master more advanced behavioral commands, we do it all!


English Labradors are known for their calm and lovable temperament but let's be honest, puppies will be puppies and sometimes they just need a little obedience training to set them on a path of success in settling into their new home.

We want our families to know that Tried & True is all about supporting you in your new puppy endeavor. We are here to answer all of your questions, concerns, and to help in making the transition from our kennel to your home as smooth as possible!

Let us know if you are interested in one of our programs for your dog and we will be happy to help you get them enrolled. We love our labs and want you to have the best companion possible. So let's work together in making this journey with your new Labrador your greatest adventure yet!



How We Train:


Here at Tried & True Labradors we believe in positive reinforcement. We want your dog to build on the solid foundation it has received as a young pup learning basic commands and acceptable behaviors through encouragement and praise. 

Positive reinforcement is a practice of rewarding your dog for good behaviors. Timing is key and consistency is very important. We use treats, praise, petting and toys that they love as rewards for good behaviors. It's important during this impressionable period that rewards are given at proper times. The ultimate goal is to switch up the rewards in order that the dog starts to respond to your praise every time. As your pet grows in skills, they will become responsive to verbal praise and not rely on treats to yield good behaviors. After a good behavior, we use key words like "yes" or '"good". It's important to keep your command words to a minimum in very short phases or one word commands as dogs can easily get confused by long sentences. All dogs can be trained, all dogs are good dogs. YES!



We offer Three Programs for Training:

1. Initially our puppies go home between 8-10 weeks old. At 16 weeks old, and after their final round of vaccinations, we are happy to enroll your puppy in our Basic Training Program!


2. If your puppy has received basic training either at home or with Tried & True Labradors and you are now ready for them to learn advanced behavioral skills and commands then we are happy to work with your pup in our Advanced Training Program.


3. Lastly, we understand that raising a young pup can be a challenging feat and is not for everyone so we offer an All Inclusive Program for our interested clients!

Please see below for the programs that we offer in further detail!


Basic Behavioral Training: 2-4 Week Program

10 sessions/wk

  • Foundational commands such as, "Sit, Stay, Recall (Come), Yes, No, Kennel, Off, Down, Heel etc."

  • Crate Training

  • On/Off-the-leash training

  • Socialization skills & manners


*Please let us know if you desire specific things like excessive barking or other unacceptable behaviors to be corrected during our initial evaluation.


$40/session *Minimum of (20) sessions + $20/day Boarding fee

Cost Per Week for Basic Obedience Training:

 $400.00 Training + $140.00 Boarding = $540/wk

Estimated cost per month:


Advanced Behavioral Training: 3-4 Week Program

10 sessions/wk

  • Refreshment of foundational commands

  • Distraction Training On/Off-the-leash:

    • This is for the Labrador that has a tendency to want to pull away fro​m the owner when faced with a distraction i.e. another animal or person

  • Socialization with other dogs at our facility as well as interactions in different settings such as parks, dog stores, etc.

    • The purpose of this important skill is to train the dog to have positive interactions and display acceptable behaviors when introduced to new social surroundings​


$50/session *Minimum of (30) sessions + $20/day Boarding fee


Cost per week for Advanced Training 

$500.00 Advanced Training + $140.00 Boarding = $640/wk

Estimated cost per month: 


All-Inclusive Package: 16 Week Program

After the purchase of your 8 week old puppy, he/she will remain at our farm until 6 months old. We will begin Basic Training with your puppy at 8 weeks old until the dog is 4 months old. At that time, he/she will then be enrolled in our Advanced Training program between the ages of 4-6 months old. Upon completion at 6 months old, the dog will be ready to go to his/her forever home.


*This package will include: 

-Basic  & Advanced Training at Tried & True Labradors Farms


-Socialization with other dogs 


-Vaccinations as recommended by our vet at 6, 9, 12, and 15 weeks old 

-AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program Certification at our local Kennel Club

-Canine Good Citizen Training & Certification at our local Kennel Club

What's AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program and Canine Good Citizen Program?

We're glad you asked! Please click the links above to find out more information 


$6,000.00 + Purchase price of puppy

(This price includes the fees of all additional items listed above)

"All dogs want to be labs and all labs want to be English." 

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