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Welcome to our Kennel!

Meet the
Tried & True Family

We are devoted to the integrity of breeding highly-sought-after, quality English Labradors.

We are built on hard work, love for our labs, and passion for pursuing the betterment of the breed and the future generations of our kennel.

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Tried & True ©


Tried & True ©

Everything We Offer

Labradors are adorned as the most loved dogs worldwide for decades proven by their number 1 ranking by the AKC for the last 30 years. English Labradors  in particular are referred to as "bench labs" meaning they are bred and shown for their beautiful confirmation or "show stance" and laid back temperament unlike their American counterparts which are typically bred for hunting and field trials. Some of the most endearing qualities that the English Labrador is known for is their friendly demeanor, loyalty as a companion, and calm behavior.  We pride ourselves on being AKC registered breeders in Alabama who strive to breed, sell, and train Labs for many years to come. Our customers' reviews and their trust in our care make us leading Labrador breeders. As breeders, we consider the puppies, who go to pet homes, an extension of our family. We believe in excellent care of our labs, responsible breeding, and pursuance of bettering the English Labrador breed! If you are in the market for a companion who is unrivaled in both look and disposition then call Tried & True Labradors today! We'd love to make you part of our family!


All About Labradors

Labrador Retrievers, commonly known as Labradors or Labs, are the most popular and desirable dog for companions and family pets. The following are a few of the breed standards and facts about Labradors:

  • Height – 21.5 – 24.5 depending on the sex

  • Weight – 55 to 80 pounds as per the male or female labs

  • Temperament – Active, friendly, and devoted

  • Life expectancy – 10-13 years

  • Group – Sports dog  by AKC and Gun dog by UKC

  • Rank – First among the 197 in AKC and best among the other breeds worldwide

  • Favorite activities – Swimming & Retrieving

Thank you for your interest in our labradors! Enjoy getting to know who we are as breeders and all that we offer. Let us know if we may help you in any way! We are available by phone or email.



Tried & True ©

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