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Yellow English Labrador

Alabama, nicknamed Yellowhammer state, is also famous for its yellow English Labradors. Yellow English Labrador dogs range in color from white cream to fox red, are famous in Alabama and many states like Florida, Georgia, North, and South Carolina. We are breeders of yellow English Labradors located in North Alabama. We are AKC registered breeders striving to breed the best yellow English Labradors in  Alabama and the U.S.


Labradors are on the top of the AKC list of 197 registered dogs and nearly 400 breeds worldwide.  It is no wonder that people fall in love with Labradors because it is their beauty and friendly nature that we fell in love and is the passion behind why we breed for the gorgeous yellow color. The English Labrador breed is renowned for its stunning looks; a broad head, barrel chest, and stout body with a thick otter tail that will make anyone fall in love with it. Not only does the English Labrador serve as a handsome specimen but the calm temperament and friendly demeanor are the icing on the cake! It is the reason that our Lab puppies remain in high demand and why are interested clients reserve a spot on our puppy waiting list.


The Yellow English Labrador is known best as a guide dog for the blind. Generally, yellow English labs get referred to as Golden Labradors, but come in many shades of yellow, from white to fox red.  They are also easy to train to serve as search, rescue, guide, hunting, and other multi-purpose dogs. We breed the highest quality  yellow English Labs around with remarkable temperaments and looks to die for. All of our dogs are rigorously health tested to produce only the best quality, yellow, English Labradors. 

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