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Yellow English Labrador

Alabama, nicknamed Yellowhammer State, is also renowned for its yellow English Labradors. These yellow lab puppies, which range in color from white cream to fox red, are adored not only in Alabama but also in Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. As a reputable breeder registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), we are dedicated to offering yellow lab puppies for sale that epitomize quality and affection.

Our Breeding Excellence

Labrador Retrievers are at the top of the AKC list of 197 registered dog breeds and nearly 400 breeds worldwide. Our breeding program is specialized in producing yellow lab puppies that are the embodiment of grace and affection. Every puppy, including the yellow lab and chocolate lab, is a testament to our commitment to quality.

The Beauty of the Yellow English Labrador

People fall in love with the labrador retriever puppy for its beauty and friendly nature. The English Labrador breed, with its broad head, barrel chest, and stout body, is a sight to behold. The thick otter tail and unique coat color variations make each yellow Labrador retriever a perfect puppy and a desirable family companion.

Multi-Purpose Companions

The yellow English Labrador is known as a guide dog for the blind and is often trained as a service dog and therapy dog. They are easy to train for search, rescue, and hunting. We ensure that every Labrador puppy, be it a yellow labrador, black lab, or chocolate lab, is a healthy and affectionate companion.

Health Testing

We, as dedicated dog breeders, are committed to offering only the healthiest yellow lab puppies for sale. Every older puppy and our adult dogs are health tested to ensure that you get a healthy puppy that is a joy to have as a family dog.

Upcoming Litters

Stay informed about our upcoming litters of yellow lab puppies and lab puppies. Whether you are looking for an English lab or an American lab, our breeding standards ensure that every pup is of the highest quality.

Contact Us

If you are looking to add a new member, like a lab puppy, to your family, look no further. Our yellow lab puppies are not just pets but are also capable of being working companions. All our Labrador retriever puppies, including the yellow labrador retriever and English Labrador retriever, are bred to be loving and loyal companions.

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