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Labrador Breeders

Like a parent responsible for the upbringing of their children, it is only great breeders who take care of the labs like we do! Our dogs' temperaments are second to none and we have glowing reports from client after client on how well their pup has adjusted to their new home and how amazing they are with children, the entire family and other dogs. Breeding has its challenges but in the end it's all worth every late night and early morning and we consider it the highest privilege to be blessed with the labradors that we currently have and continue to improve on.

The Best Labrador Breeders in Alabama

Labradors are one of our greatest passions. We are the premiere breeders in the area and we are striving for excellence in conformation, health, and temperament. We do thorough research when planning a breeding and those details are provided to our clients in our puppy packets that we given them when their pup goes home with them. We are experienced and provide expert guidance in health and nutrition, feeding programs, training tips and programs. Our support provides our clients with all they need for a life of success and happiness with their new lab puppy. We are always a call away and enjoy watching our pup grow up with you and love to receive updates over the years!

Qualities to be the Leading Labrador Breeder

We believe that passion and love for the breed is what separates good breeders from great breeders! We provide the highest quality of care for all of our dogs as they are worthy of it and they are our family members! The amount of joy they bring us each day is the reason we continue to do what we do.  We adhere to all A.K.C. guidelines, attend their education programs, and participate in their dog shows and sports activities. The following are a few qualities that we have implemented in order to be the best Labrador breeders:

  • We never give false promises to our customers about our dogs and puppies with the sole motive of selling and training them

  • We love our dogs and find satisfaction in taking care of our Labradors as we love them from the heart

  • We breed our Labradors according to the AKC H.E.A.R.T. program

    •  Health

    • Education

    • Accountability 

    • Responsibility 

    • Tradition

  • We are AKC certified breeders who conduct all essential tests recommended by the Labrador Retriever Breed Parent Club

To know about more about our kennel call us today! 

We are available for scheduled visits. 

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