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Chocolate Labrador Puppies

Black Labradors are a popular breed, but our chocolate Labrador puppies for sale hold a special allure. The coat color of chocolate English Labradors is rich and gorgeous, captivating many dog lovers. The chocolate color in the English Labrador breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1917. We aspire to breed the best chocolate lab puppies for sale for both the show ring and for our clients who love the rich and gorgeous coat color of the chocolate lab.

Our Breeding Program

It is because of our passion and love for labs that we are in this business as a dedicated dog breeder. We are a responsible breeder, ensuring every individual puppy is a wonderful companion. Our breeding program is committed to excellence, focusing on breeding healthy and affectionate chocolate Labrador retriever puppies.

Tried & True Chocolate Labs

The chocolate lab puppy is amongst one of the most popular choices here. Our affection for each of the three colored labs increases over time, making us the best breeder for Chocolate Labrador puppies in Alabama. Our chocolate lab puppies are not just family pets but are also capable of being service dogs. Every chocolate labrador retriever puppy is bred to be a wonderful companion and family companion.

National and International Reach

We have chocolate English Labradors placed with clients all over the country and even in other countries! Whether you’re looking for an American lab or an English labrador retriever, we ensure that every new puppy is the perfect puppy. Our black Labrador retriever and chocolate labrador retriever are renowned for their temperament and beauty.

Our Upcoming Litter

Stay tuned for our upcoming litter of chocolate labrador puppies for sale. We offer lab puppies for sale that are the epitome of the popular dog breed’s grace and beauty. Our breeding standards ensure that every pup is healthy, affectionate, and a testament to the breed’s renowned temperament, making them ideal as a family pet or hunting dog.

Delivery and Lifetime Support

We offer delivery services and have the ability to get your lab puppy or chocolate puppy to you! The relationships we build with our Tried & True families carry on through the lifetime of our dogs, making us a desirable breeder for your right puppy.

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chocolate labrador
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