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How Can You Know if a Labrador is a Purebred? Tips from Pure Lab Breeders in Alabama.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Before you bring home a purebred Labrador Retriever, you should be 100% sure it meets the Labrador breed standard and have proof from the breeder of the dog’s genetic heritage. We breed only pure English Labradors , and based on our years of experience, we’ve put together this guide to an English Lab’s ideal physical characteristics and temperament. In it, we also explain how to check if an animal is a purebred before you buy. These checks and guidelines help your Labrador not only to look great but also to be a healthy, happy family member.

AKC Certification Matters

At Tried & True in Eva, Alabama, we pride ourselves on being a registered pure Lab breeder with the American Kennel Club (AKC). With this AKC certification, you can be confident in our demonstrated commitment to maintaining the breed’s quality and health.

What Are a Purebred Labrador’s Physical Characteristics?

According to the AKC’s extensive list of ideal Labrador features, they should have a robust, athletic body, along with a dense, water-resistant coat. Their expressive eyes can range from brown to hazel in color. Physical characteristics like these may provide initial clues, but they’re far from the last word on a dog’s purebred status.

Can Physical Traits Tell You Whether a Labrador is a Purebred?

Physical features can give you some idea about the breed, but they aren’t foolproof for purebred verification. For example, a dog’s coat color, body structure, or head shape can resemble those of a pure English Labrador, but without further evidence, they aren’t enough to confirm a purebred.

Dig Deeper with Lineage Research

One way to make sure you’re getting a purebred is through detailed lineage research. At Tried & True, we perform rigorous background checks, going through pedigree papers and other documents to validate each dog’s heritage. This helps us offer puppies that meet AKC standards.

Canine DNA Testing and Genetic Markers

Canine DNA testing is an accurate method of confirming a dog’s lineage. By checking for specific genetic markers, such tests provide a comprehensive genetic profile of your potential pet. At Tried & True, we rely on DNA tests to ensure the purity and health of our Labradors, and can check these results against the AKC’s canine DNA profiles for parentage confirmation.

Pedigree Papers for Purebred Labs

Pedigree papers are another way to verify a Labrador’s purebred status. These papers should trace back three to four generations and often come with an AKC seal, as an extra layer of security.

The Role of a Registered Breeder

As registered breeders, we follow the strictest guidelines for breeding and raising Labradors. We conduct all necessary health tests on the sire and dam, as well as their puppies, as part of our commitment to quality and purity.

Early Socialization and Temperament

We also prioritize early socialization, aiming for more than just friendly behavior. We aim to make sure that each puppy’s behavior aligns with the breed’s ideal temperament traits, such as high intelligence and an innate eagerness to please.

Why Choose Us for Your Purebred Labrador

We’re not just breeders; we’re guardians of the Labrador breed standard. Choosing a pup from us means you’re getting a high-quality dog, bred in happy and safe surroundings, and verified by that all-important AKC certification and DNA testing.

A Lifelong Commitment

For us, adhering to the Labrador breed standard isn’t a mere option—it’s a responsibility. And for you, it’s the assurance you’re bringing home a dog that’s everything a Labrador should be.

Feel free to reach out to us by phone (205 688 6773) or email ( or visit our Puppy Gallery to learn more about our Labradors. Remember, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re making a dog-lifetime commitment.

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