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Dog Food & Supplements

What We Recommend


One of the most vital parts of your dogs' health is the food they are given.​ From the proper development of the dog's physical anatomy to the overall temperament, dog food is a key factor to the well being of your furry companion.


We have seen time and again the difference in the way our dogs, who go to pet homes, progress in their development based off of how the pup is fed. We feed all of our dogs, including our puppies, Life's Abundance Dog Food. Not only is it a healthier alternative to most dog foods on the market but it is affordable and convenient with auto ship right to your home. Here are some facts that we love about Life's Abundance:


  • Life's Abundance Dog Food


In addition to a quality, proven dog food we highly recommend and stress the importance of supplements in your dog's diet. The Labrador breed, like all other breeds, are prone to certain health complications. Tried & True Labradors endorses the use of both immune system supplements as well as joint and bone supplements to strengthen and improve the development and health of your dog! Check out what we use:

  • Immune & Joint Supplements  (*Wellness Food Supplement & *Agility Formula)

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